Skin care tips: The benefits of conscious consumption for skin care

What we put into our bodies is as important as what we put on them. That’s why there’s a movement toward conscious consumption. It’s a great principle that will help you to choose the right products that respect your skin and keep it looking nourished and healthy. Keep reading to discover more about conscious consuming and a range of products designed for it.

What is conscious consuming?

Put very simply, conscious consumption is about choosing products and brands that have less impact on the earth and are free from certain ingredients. It’s all about looking after the planet, your body and mind by being conscious of what you put into and on it. That’s why you should choose products that have carefully selected ingredients that respect your skin.

Sensitive and very sensitive skin can be triggered by factors such as perfume, harsh chemicals and even hard water.

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Why conscious consumption?

Certain ingredients in skin care products may sometimes cause skin irritation and dryness in some people. That’s why it’s important to know what ingredients are in the products you choose and, more importantly, which ingredients have been left out.

Sanex Zero% range

Sanex has developed a range of skin care products with a number of traditional ingredients removed to reduce the risk of irritation. They have been designed with conscious consuming in mind.

Sanex Zero% deodorants

There are two aluminium free deodorants in the Sanex Zero% range. The deodorant sprays have 0% aluminium salts, 0% ethyl alcohol, and are also vegan. These ingredients have been removed because they may cause or make skin irritation worse. If you’re looking for an aluminium free deodorant with carefully selected ingredients that respect your skin, try Sanex Zero% Extra Control Roll On, which also gives you up to 48 hours of effective odour protection.

Sanex Zero% bath and shower gels

If you’re looking for a biodegradable shower gel with carefully selected ingredients that respect your skin, try the range of Sanex Zero% bath and shower gels. The sulphate free body washes are free from colourants and soap. They’re also vegan, 99% biodegradable formula and contain moisturisers of natural origin. Ingredients have been removed because they may cause skin irritation for certain people, leaving them feeling uncomfortable. The range includes products for includes products for all the family, even kids. Try Sanex Zero% Sensitive Skin Shower Gel, it’s a fragrance free body wash that respects your skin and the environment.

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A daily application of body lotion will help keep your skin smooth and hydrated throughout the year.