Skin microbiome: good bacteria on skin

We don’t need to tell you that life is busy. Between work, exercise, kids, friends, cooking and everything else, you also need to think about staying as healthy as you can. Part of staying healthy is looking after your skin. It’s the largest organ on your body and is, at times, your first shield of defence, so it makes sense to care for it. The way you can care for it is to look after your skin microbiome. Carry on reading to find out more about the bacteria on skin and the role it plays in your health.

El microbioma de la piel: bacterias buenas en la piel

What is the skin microbiome?

Firstly, it’s good to understand what the microbiome is. It’s a collection of microorganisms that live inside your body and on your skin. These microorganisms have different functions depending on where they’re found. On your skin, they’re called skin microbiota and they also perform different roles on different parts of your body. The normal microbiota of the skin is made up of bacteria on skin, fungus, mites and viruses. Some are good bacteria on skin, and some are bad, but there’s always a balance that helps skin to stay healthy.

These bacteria, mites and fungi that live on our skin cause no harm to us, and in fact prevent less friendly bacteria from causing inflammation of the skin. The best way to prevent "bad" bacteria from taking hold on our skin is to cause no harm to the "good" bacteria that have developed on our bodies.

Dr. Zac Handler

What’s the difference between good bacteria and bad?

Even though you have both good bacteria and bad on your skin, there’s always a balance that should be maintained. The good bacteria on skin will stop the bad bacteria from taking hold and causing damage. The bad bacteria can cause inflammation and can, in some cases, even delay the healing of your skin if you have an existing skin condition such as Atopic Dermatitis. People who have certain skin conditions have more bad bacteria on their skin and also don't have an optimum variety. This is why microbiome skincare is so important.

How to increase good bacteria on skin?

Sanex has made it really easy to increase the good bacteria on your skin. They’ve created a range of products called Sanex BiomeProtect Dermo. The range has been designed with a Proprietary Prebiotic and Postbiotic complex that supports the good bacteria on your skin and targets the bad. It also enhances your skin’s natural barrier and hydration. If you have very sensitive skin, you may want to try Sanex BiomeProtect Dermo Hypoallergenic Shower Gel which strengthens your skin’s barrier and minimises the risk of irritation. Sanex BiomeProtect Moisturising Shower Gel also strengthens your skin’s barrier and locks in natural moisture to keep it soft and healthy.




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