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Are prebiotics and postbiotics good for the skin immune system?

Having healthy skin feels great. It’s soft, nourished and a joy to touch. But there’s so much more to it than just how it feels. Your skin and immune system are linked through the skin microbiome, which is why it’s so important to take care of it during your daily personal hygiene routine. Carry on reading to discover more about the skin microbiome and how to care for it.

¿Son los prebióticos y los postbióticos buenos para el sistema inmunitario de la piel?

What is the skin microbiome?

There are millions of different microorganisms that live on your skin including fungus, mites and more than a 1000 different species of bacteria – this is your microbiome. Altogether, they form part of your skin immune system and can be broken down into good bacteria and bad skin bacteria. The good bacteria stops the bad from taking hold and causing skin problems. What’s more, it also helps your immune system to recognise bad bacteria and keep you healthy. A balanced microbiome is a healthy one that acts as your first line of defence against external aggressors.

How can prebiotics and postbiotics help?

There are a few ways to keep your skin microbiome healthy. You can do this through postbiotic and prebiotic skincare. Prebiotics help to encourage the growth of good bacteria, while they target different kinds of bad bacteria – like the ones that can cause irritation or odours. Postbiotics can help to inhibit inflammation and keep your skin barrier strong. They also help your skin stay naturally hydrated.

The use of pre or post biotics to maintain a healthy microbiome can therefore reduce the risk of unhelpful bacteria from colonizing the skin

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How Sanex can help your skin microbiome

Sanex has created a new range of products that have been expertly crafted to keep your skin microbiome healthy. The entire range has been formulated with a proprietary Prebiotic and Postbiotic complex that works to nurture the good bacteria on skin, while targeting the bad. The formula includes a prebiotic called inulin, which is extracted from agave root and helps to grow beneficial bacteria and inhibit the pathogenic bacteria. The second part of the formula is a smartbiotic extracted from the purslane root called butyloctanol, which targets odour causing bacteria. The third part is a postbiotic which helps to keep your skin strong and hydrated.

Which products to use

Sanex now includes a wide range of products that consist of a proprietary Prebiotic and Postbiotic complex. You might want to try Sanex BiomeProtect Dermo Pro Hydrate Shower Gel or Foam Bath, which strengthens your skin’s barrier and boosts its natural hydration to keep your skin feeling soft, smooth and healthy. Sanex BiomeProtect Micellar Soothing Shower Gel is designed to gently cleanse your skin while soothing dryness. It also contains Omega 3 for extra skin nourishment.

No matter which Sanex product you try, you know you’ll be doing a great job of keeping your skin performing at its healthy best.



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