How skin contact with our loved ones can boost our immune system

From the moment we’re born we need physical touch, which starts with skin contact with our mums or dads. No matter how old we get, we still need and love physical contact with others. Just think about that big hug that makes you feel better when you’re feeling down, a loving embrace with your partner or a friend putting their arm around your shoulder. Besides just making us feel good, the experience of touch has many other benefits and can even boost your immune system. Carry on reading to discover how this works.

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Skin contact for a healthy immune system

Whether you’re holding hands, getting a back massage or hugging, you’ll experience the benefits of skin contact. Studies have shown that when you’re feeling stressed (hyperlink this sentence to article 5 on stress) and you have positive physical touch with someone, your heart rate slows, your blood pressure lowers, and stress hormones decrease. Not only that, but there’s also an increase in oxytocin, the “love hormone” that helps us relax. Because skin contact destresses us, research shows this can strengthen immune systems. This is because when you’re under a lot of stress, you produce cortisol, which has a negative impact on your immune system.

Boost immune systems of newborns

Good bacteria on our skin and in our intestinal system form part of a healthy immune system. They help to stop bad bacteria attaching to skin and growing in our bodies. When babies are born, they don’t yet have this good bacteria, which is why skin contact is so important for newborns. When babies get skin-to-skin contact (please hyperlink this part of the sentence to article 3 on parenting) the good bacteria on their mother’s skin transfers to theirs, which could protect babies from some types of infections. New mothers should try to maintain skin-to-skin contact for as long as possible after their baby is born.

How Sanex skin care products can help with physical touch

Because skin contact is so important and it can boost your immune system, you will want to have soft, supple skin that’s a pleasure to touch. Sanex has a range of products to help you with this. You could try Sanex Dermo Moisturising Shower Gel, which is ideal for normal to dry skin. Its soothing formula helps hydrate, protect and replenish your skin’s barriers, while respecting its natural pH balance. You could also try Sanex Zero% Shower Gel for normal skin, which has been dermatologically tested and developed with carefully selected ingredients. It contains no sulphate, soap or colourants to reduce the risk of skin irritation.




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