How to strengthen parent-child relationships

From the moment they’re born, through every stage of life, you want to be by your child’s side, helping to guide, nurture and give them comfort. This is why a healthy parent child relationship is so important. It’s this parental relationship that can provide a solid, healthy, loving backbone to your children’s lives – helping them to succeed and navigate life.

Cómo reforzar las relaciones entre padres e hijos

Why a good parent and child relationship is important

The interaction and relationship between parents and children are key to a child’s development in both younger and older years. A good parental relationship and family bonding nurture the physical, emotional and social development of your child. It also lays the foundation for your child’s personality, life choices and overall behaviour. Just a few benefits of a positive parent child relationship are:

  • Children have a better chance of developing happy relationships with other people throughout life.
  • Promotes mental, linguistic and emotional development.
  • Lays foundations for better social and academic skills.  

Ways to strengthen parent child relationships

Each parent has a different style of parenting, which also changes for each child. This is absolutely normal. But there are certain ways that you can strengthen your parent and child relationship. Just a few of these include:

  • Telling your children you love them.
  • Playing together to help your children develop a range of skills.
  • Making undisturbed time to listen to and talk with your children.
  • Positive physical touch can make your children feel loved and secure.  

Bath time fun and parental relationships

The power of bath time fun is sometimes taken for granted. Baby bath time and kids bath time fun is just one of many family bonding activities that can have an incredible impact on your children. Because so much of your time is spent working, running errands, cooking, cleaning and generally taking care of life, it’s easy to miss spending quality time with your kids. That’s where baby bath time and kids bath time fun can help. It’s a time when you’re forced to slow down and completely focus on your children. The skin contact (please link to article 1) while you bath them boosts development and trust between you and your children. It’s also a great time and opportunity to look after their skincare by using the right products.

How Sanex helps

Because bath time is an important part of a parent child relationship, you should make the most of it. One way to do this is to use the right products that look after your little one’s skin. Try Sanex Dermo Kids Bodywash & Foam Bath, suitable for children 3 years and older. It’s a 2-in-1 body wash and foam bath that’s been specially developed to care for children’s delicate skin. It gently cleanses while protecting and respecting young skin, leaving it clean, healthy and soft. You could also use Sanex Zero% Head to Toe Wash, which is paediatrician approved and free from fragrance, sulfates, colourants and soap. It also looks after your little one’s delicate skin and keeps it clean and healthy every day.

Enjoy kids bath time fun and help boost your parent child relationship.




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