Cuddling and holding hands safely with your loved ones

There’s something magical about cuddling on the sofa with a loved one on a cold, rainy day. Likewise, it feels good holding hands or even getting a big hug from a friend you’ve not seen in a long time. All of these form part of positive touch and have very real effects on the hormones in our bodies.

Abrazar y cogerte de la mano con seguridad con tus seres queridos

It starts with the skin

It’s obvious that human touch starts on the skin, which is our largest organ. When someone touches you, it creates pressure on your skin, which sends a signal to the brain, which in turn sends out signals to different parts of your body – even organs. Positive touch, such different types of cuddling or a friend holding hands, will have great effects on different parts of your body.

It helps you destress

As simple as cuddling or holding hands is, it has a great impact on reducing stress (please link to article 5). When you have this positive touch from beloved ones, your body will decrease the levels of cortisol in your body – this is the stress hormone. In fact, human touch can be so powerful that just touching someone’s arm can have a positive effect.

Besides just having a calming effect and reducing stress, cuddling or holding hands also increases the release of oxytocin (please link to article 2), also known as the cuddle hormone, which helps to create trust. This is often seen in a healthy family environment where people are tactile.

Positive touch and Sanex

Because cuddling and holding hands are so enjoyable and good for us, you’ll want to take good care of your skin so you can make the most of human touch. One way to do this is to use a hand soap that nourishes and looks after your skin. You could try Sanex Dermo Moisturising Shower Gel. Its soothing formula helps hydrate, protect and replenish your skin’s barriers, while respecting its natural pH balance.



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